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http://www.thedjlist.com/djs/KENNER-S/ Go and Vote for me and mi sessions Thanks! Dj Actualmente residente de www.beat901.com.mx Todos los Jueves de 9 a 10 PM y Domingos de 8 a 9 PM Originally from Escobedo, NL, with 21 years of age. It started as amateur dj from 19 years playing in private meetings and as a hobby with all kinds of genres in electronic music, a year after starting to take it a little more seriously. In January 2012 decided to enter one of the school's most recognized professional Djs like House of DJ, acquiring more knowledge and from that moment began to participate in various competitions and auditions in search of talented DJs, from these auditions and hear him play and see him develop as dj despite his lack of experience but his excellent talent and charisma DJ Luis Vargas became interested and decided to open the doors of BEAT 90.1FM. Its first session was a little known genre and new to the audience at the time as it was the Dubstep that actualmete for growth and particular sounds and forms part of the most popular genres in the electronic field, leaving to focus on his main genre , was given the opportunity to start a new genre mixing first station with minimal making it known. Currently this dj proud resident of the best electronic music station in the north of the country working on his race for a nightclub and move forward, it has to perform various projects and plans to start producing his own music waiting support and acceptance of the entire online community. Awaiting your support this and every month through http://thedjlist.com/djs/KENNER-S/

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Electrónica Idiomas Fe, filosofía y espiritualidad

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