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Católicos Algo que saber

Católicos Algo que saber

Es un podcast en el cual damos lectura a artículos interesantes que nos llegan y te los compartimos a manera de audio, lo que todo católico debe saber... Así como audios de interés que encontramos en la red y que creemos es bueno que lo conozcas... visita

Alkymia Radio

Alkymia Radio

Awakening from the Dream  with Almine

Awakening from the Dream with Almine

A radio show full of cutting edge mysticism, deep spirituality and insights on living a life in mastery. Not just an option for monks in seclusion, but a possibility and birthright for all human beings. Almine invites you to a path of miracles and adventure to discover your true Self. Join Almine and her radio team every weekend at 11am PST with a rebroadcast at 6pm PST for an hour full of deep metaphysics and humor.

Fall 2014 Shamatha, Vipashyana, Dream Yoga

Fall 2014 Shamatha, Vipashyana, Dream Yoga

This eight-week retreat will focus on three of the six transitional processes, namely: the Transitional Process of Living, with teachings on ?amatha and vipa?yan?, the Transitional Process of Dreaming, with teachings on dream yoga, and the Transitional Process of Meditation with teachings on Dzogchen meditation. All these teachings will be based on the text The Profound Dharma of The Natural Emergence of the Peaceful and Wrathful from Enlightened Awareness Stage of Completion Instructions on the Six Transitional Processes, an “earth terma” of teachings by Padmasambhava, revealed by Karma Lingpa in the fourteen century. The English translation of this text has been published under the title Natural Liberation: Padmasambhava’s Teachings on the Six Bardos, with commentary by Gyatrul Rinpoche and translated by B. Alan Wallace.

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