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Fall 2011 Shamatha Retreat

Fall 2011 Shamatha Retreat

Dharma talks and guided meditations given six days per week during the Fall, 2011 eight-week Shamatha retreat at the Thanyapura Mind Centre in Phuket, Thailand, with B. Alan Wallace. Podcasts will be posted daily during the retreat.

Awakening from the Dream  with Almine

Awakening from the Dream with Almine

A radio show full of cutting edge mysticism, deep spirituality and insights on living a life in mastery. Not just an option for monks in seclusion, but a possibility and birthright for all human beings. Almine invites you to a path of miracles and adventure to discover your true Self. Join Almine and her radio team every weekend at 11am PST with a rebroadcast at 6pm PST for an hour full of deep metaphysics and humor.

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