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By Ràdio la Vall Ondas Atlánticas

Description of Ondas Atlánticas. Episodio 141.

En el episodio 141 de Ondas Atlánticas han sonado:

1.Saiph-Dark Nation(2024)
2.Worn Out - Love Affair-The Coming Flood (2024)
3.Heimberg-Endless Lies-Blind Eye Ep (2024)
4.Indigo Garden-Hold me close it's almost over-You Me and Misery (2024)
5.Disorientations – Loner-Lost Today (2024)
6.Sunsick Daisy - Away From Me-Breathe In...Breathe Out(2023)
7.PMad-Missing-I in Power (2024)
8.Hangwire-Farewell Song (2024)
9.HighSchool-Mondo Cane-Accelerator(2024)

Comments of Ondas Atlánticas. Episodio 141.
Fantastic show!! Thank you so much for including pMad!!!
Geniales Indigo Garden!!