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By Seyi Agbede Impact Nuggets
Impact Nuggets Episode of Impact Nuggets

Description of Scaling a Business in Uncertain Times: Strategies and Tips

We are joined by Daniel Folley, a missionary entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in building digital and technology businesses in Africa and UK. He is the founder of softlink.ai, an eCommerce platform for SMEs, coaches, and consultants in Africa with 100,000 users and 12,000 merchants. 

He is a digital marketing and PPC Expert with more than a decade's experience leading Digital Medium Africa, a digital advertising agency that has generated over $100m in combined client portfolio revenue with a mission to equip business owners with the Skill Sets and Resourceful Training that will enhance their Business Structure, marketing, productivity, and scalability.  

He has trained and empowered over 100,000 African Entrepreneurs through his work as a founder, Trainer, and coach at Daniel Folley Academy, creating over 20 online courses and distributing them in over 70 countries using Facebook ads.  

Taking a look at the topic: Scaling a Business in Uncertain Times: Strategies and Tips, welcome Daniel Folley to the Impact Nuggets 

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