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By Dr. Robert Prather The Voice Of Health with Dr. Robert Prather


This week, we're joined by Holistic Integration’s Associate Chiropractor Dr. Dodge and our Occupational Therapist Meghan Walton to talk about the technology that can "revolutionize" the Chiropractic industry.  In this episode, you'll find out:

—The surprising number of different Chiropractic techniques and styles of adjusting systems and techniques.
—How Dr. Prather's Chiropractic gentle adjusting philosophy is focused more on precise alignment, while most Chiropractors just focus on getting movement in the joint.
—The shocking statistic that the most common diversified technique, practiced by about 80% of all Chiropractors, is actually not preferred by 85% of the population.  And the encouraging message Dr. Prather offers to those people who have shied away from Chiropractic because they don't like that technique.
—Why Dr. Dodge says the new ProAdjuster technology at Holistic Integration is "a big shift" from the techniques he and Dr. Prather have been utilizing for decades.  And how the ProAdjuster is consistent with their gentle, non-force adjusting philosophy.
—How the ProAdjuster was built based on proven research.  And why an instrument adjustment is a better and more precise approach than the manual "popping and cracking" adjustment.
—The reason Dr. Dodge says that, other than their specialty Atlas Orthogonal technique, the ProAdjuster works better in almost all situations than their other adjusting techniques.
—The patient success stories of people who are getting out of pain and increasing function quicker with the ProAdjuster technology.
—How any spinal and joint condition you would see a Chiropractor for can benefit from the ProAdjuster technology.
—The MMT Mechanical Motion Therapy that uses the ProAdjuster SRT to get the joints moving and the ProSoft SRT to get the muscles functioning better for an improved range-of-motion "almost immediately".
—The results patients are seeing from the ProAdjuster, including:  adjustments holding longer, a dramatic increase in their range-of-motion, and improved sports performance.


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