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By Theos Think Tank Reading Our Times
Reading Our Times Episode of Reading Our Times

Description of What is a Life Worth? In conversation with Jenny Kleeman

Nick Spencer speaks with journalist and author Jenny Kleeman
The question 'what is a life worth?' feels wrong; heretical even. Humans are infinitely valuable, we say. You can't put a price on a life. And yet we do, every day: for healthcare, for philanthropy, for insurance, for criminal compensation… Indeed, arguably, if we actually care for life, we must.

So, how do we do it? What are we willing to pay for life? How do we calcualate it? Who decides, and on what basis? And what does all this tell us about our (in)humanity?

In this week's episode, Nick Spencer speaks to Jenny Kleeman about her book The Price of Life.

Buy a copy of the book here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Price-Life-Search-Worth-Decides/dp/1035004968/ref=asc_df_1035004968/

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