English o'clock 2.0 - Advanced Episode 49 (09.06.2021)

English o'clock 2.0 - Advanced Episode 49 (09.06.2021)

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Descripción de English o'clock 2.0 - Advanced Episode 49 (09.06.2021)

English inglés clases de inglés nivel avanzado English o'clock 2.0

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Hello, I realy enjoy this audio! I play when Im driving therefor I have the feeling to not get all the juice. Do you advise me about which audios or podcast are more appropiate for listening while driving? Thanks for your support!!

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That's what I do with my vocabulary, I write down words when I see movies, series or articles, but I love these vocabulary lists from Vaughan, thanks! 👍👍🤓

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Efrén Moreno Cedillo

amazing idea about our translation list,and so interesting how Edu reacts when you say vet,my little loves (cats) say miauuuuu when I say chuchesss,😁,btw how do you say chuches in English?

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Hi. Well you always say that you should do something that scares you. In your case, you only have to order in a new restaurant :) And by the way. Purchase order, I always transalte that as "pedido" never "orden de compra". Could that be?

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Amado De Jesus Ramos

These lessons are very interesting, but the written material is very necessary and perhaps if it were complete

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