English o'clock 2.0 - Beginner Episode 66 (18.01.2021)

English o'clock 2.0 - Beginner Episode 66 (18.01.2021)

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English o'clock 2.0 - Beginner Episode 66 (18.01.2021) description

English inglés principiante clases de inglés English o'clock 2.0

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Raul Delgado

Thanks julia. I am studying english a lot.

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I love the way you explain.

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Efrén Moreno Cedillo

Hi Beautiful Teacher,I have a doubt, between is used just 2 options righ?,you said what's between February and December the answer is January,by the way January pronunciation is a little bit 🧐,and come back to my question 😁 among is used just in more than 2 options right,and in the middle is like between,well their name describe it perfectly😁,thank you Julia.

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Chicharito Verastegui

Hi Julia, Help Us with the pronuntiation of FAVORITE , I dont know why this word it is so difficult for me !!

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