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English o'clock 2.0 - Let's talk! Episode 1 - Passion with Holly Renaut (30.10.2020)

English o'clock 2.0 - Let's talk! Episode 1 - Passion with Holly Renaut (30.10.2020)

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English o'clock 2.0 - Let's talk! Episode 1 - Passion with Holly Renaut (30.10.2020) description

English Listening inglés interview English o'clock 2.0

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Miguel Angel Castro

It,s very good but for me is dificult since me ear is not training

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Ei Julia! Super cool new section. I've liked this episode very much. Plus, I've found it very interesting. In my opinion nowadays we are more likely to have more than one thing that interests us because it is very easy for us privileged first world, finding stuff that will feed whatever you are finding interesting and lead that thing grow on you, very fast. That, I would say, wouldn't happen in the olden days. Congratulations :)

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Welcome the new section! Great idea! I think it would be helpful the transcription of the episode... to check understanding and review structures and vocabulary.

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Cristina Sanchez Sanchez

Thanks so much, Julia. I like your programs

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Me gustó.

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Juani Whitestrato2

Intersting talk about the important thing what having a passion is,at least so far what I've been able to understand.I think you know how I love the music,I work in a olives factory between week,but I spend hours and hours listening to music and watching videos about musicians,guitarrists,guitars and I could talk about it hours too.Photography I also love it,actually everything in relation with the culture and art.What you've talked about social media and influencers is pretty interesting too.I've liked this brand new section of English O'clock in spite of the fact that I don't get to understand yet all of talking in english.Congratulations both of you😉🤗🤗🤗

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